Molly Crabapple is here!

I’ve been looking forward to working with the talented miss Molly Crabapple for a long time. Sketch Theatre is firmly planted in the West, and since Molly is a New York artist it took a while for us to get there, but so well worth the wait!

Molly breezed into town recently and I was so lucky to nab her for a couple of hours. As you can see her pencil skills are madness. I’ve set this sketch video to the sounds of another beautiful and talented gal, Los Angeles songstress Eleni Mandell. Two awesomely talented, gorgeous women in one! Yes, I’m here to provide these sorts of fantasies for you from time to time 😉

This video is a fun one, enjoy it!

Molly Crabapple 01


Munk One 02 is here!

If you enjoyed Munk’s first video for Sketch Theatre, then you have to check this out, a killer sketch set to the heavy sounds of Austin, TX metal lords The Sword.

Munk One 02



Gary Baseman on White Canvas

White Canvas just released a great video interview with ST artist Gary Baseman. In it Gary opens up and very candidly describes the underlying dark and emotional themes in his work, check it out it’s a great interview.

Check out some LA art shows!

Just a little heads up for ST’s LA friends….

‘Works for Everyone’
Ranging from painterly landscapes of L.A.’s sun-bleached street corners to sculptural wooden installations, this TAG Gallery group show features work by Peter Kempson, Camey McGilvray and Shelley Adler. It should start the night off with poppy optimism.
TAG Gallery, 2903 Santa Monica Blvd.; 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

‘Shangri-La: Architecture as a State of Flux’
This exhibit of whip-smart architectural art examining the historical trends in Los Angeles buildings might have you muttering, “Why so much stucco?”
18th Street Arts Center, 1639 18th St.; 6p.m.-10 p.m. Read More

Levon Jihanian & Motorhead!

It often seems very very lucky to live in the city of Los Angeles.

Of course there are about a thousand negative things I can say about LA but rather than even bring those nasties up I’d rather talk about the pool of talented artists here!! It is deep and crystal clear, which makes it easy to spot someone like Levon Jihanian. He is one of LA’s bright, young, original and talented visionaries. I’m so happy to include him in project Sketch Theatre. He has exhibited his work in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Ontario, and written, drawn, and self-published several comic books including Bitter Disappointment, Ordinary Fieldbook, and Fork Frenzy. In between we shot 2 sketches on his recent visit to the ST studio, this is the first of the two.

Levon Jihanian 01

Soundtrack is provided by the legendary Motorhead, it really doesn’t get any better when you need an AWESOME soundtrack! Their latest record is out and you would never know Lemmy turned 63 this year!!! OMG. how does he keep rocking so hard??!?!

I’ll post the second video in coming weeks so stay tuned if you want more Levon!


Metamorphosis 2 Book Release

ST’s friends very cool friends “down under” beinArt have just published a killer new follow up collection to their well received book Metamorphosis. The latest installment Metamorphosis 2 features work from ST favorites Travis Louie, Michael Hussar and Shawn Barber, among many other brilliant artists. Read More

The Awesome Munk One!

I’m sooooo stoked to introduce Sketch Theatre’s latest contributing artist,  the awesome Munk One. If you pay attention to anything involving contemporary art and illustration, rock music and even the recent US election chances are you’ve already seen some of his amazing work!

Munk One 01

Read More

Axel #13 brings in 2009!

Axel #13 brings in 2009 with three excellent sketch videos! Axel is a diverse character designer and I think you’ll enjoy watching his pencil at work.

Check out his awesome sketches here.



and as for new year …..
I’m not entirely sure that I believe in New Years resolutions, but if you do more power to you. I hope you picked a good one and if it doesn’t work out just try to remember to do something kind for something or someone else every day, that usually works out okay for all parties involved. Really it does ….

Oh, and draw more 🙂

Happy 2009!!!!!


Welcome back Travis Louie!

Woo hoo! … on Travis’ last trip to LA he treated us all with a new sketch!
Watch and be amazed.
click here to watch Travis Louie 02!


Welcome Ana Bagayan!

I am totally thrilled that the sweet and lovely Ana Bagayan had some time in her busy schedule to stop in  and visit Sketch Theatre! As luck would have it the stars aligned just perfectly the day I contacted Ana about sketching, she had just stumbled across ST only the day before and we saw this as true bit of kismet.

Check out her first video for Sketch Theatre


Make sure you check out Ana’s website, as well as the blog she maintains with her boyfriend Ara. Adventures of Anra, it’s a great art blog, these two keep busy creating not only their own beautiful work but by giving back to the community by funding Children’s Scholarships and Art Contests.



Put on a Happy Face

Put on a Happy Face.
Nate Frizzell Solo Show at Cerasoli Lebasse Gallery /Culver City CA

Below you’ll find a very cool video that shows some of the work in Nate’s recent solo show. The paintings shown have some roots here in Sketch Theatre, it’s cool to see the final pieces.

Nate Frizzell ‘Put on a Happy Face’ Preview from Modus Films on Vimeo.

Nikko Hurtado DVD

Nikko and I worked on this DVD project together… it’s been a year in the making but well worth the wait, if you’ve ever wanted to look over the shoulder of one of the tattoo industries greatest talents and watch and listen to how he creates true to detail realistic color portraits on skin, this DVD has a lot to offer you! Read More

Jordu Schell and Monsters!

Where are the monsters at??
I know you’ve been wondering … you monster loving bunch, you.
Thankfully, the limitless talent of Jordu Schell has stepped in to fill your need.
If you’ve never seen what this man creates with sculpture, latex and god like airbrushing you must go check out his website. Pronto. Read More

Art Events in LA!

First off…
I apologize to those of you not residing in Los Angeles for having a focus on mostly LA art shows. I live here, and most of the events I feel are worth noting get brought to my attention because they’re local … so….. I could use a team of correspondents in other places (any volunteers?) I could use updates in OC, SF, NYC, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Chicago, and international as well! Read More

More from Kali!

I knew you couldn’t get enough …. I have more Kali Fontecchio sketchings for you! Her session was plentiful so expect lots of goodies, for the time being I encourage you to view Kali Fontecchio 02 with a Devo soundtrack to boot!