Michael Hussar new sketches!

Holiday weekend is deserving of a special treat and I suspect it’s a Memorial Day weekend Hussar fix you’ve been needing! To kick it off I present you with Michael Hussar’s 4th installment for Sketch Theatre, a brilliant session with a soundtrack selected by Hussar himself, the group is Mozart Khadaffi and it’s a brilliant accompaniment. To complete your lust for more Mr Hussar is hosting a show for ONE NIGHT ONLY of his personal sketches tomorrow in Pasadena! It’s a very rare occasion to see Michael’s sketches and this event is free for all to attend, this is going to be a killer show … I recommend getting there early!

Click here for all the details or see below.

Michael Hussar Life Drawings
@ Equator
22 Mills Place, Pasadena CA 91105

Michael Hussar 04 “Thorns” watch it here!

Tonight! The Art of Steambot

If you are in the Hollywood area, stop into the Gnomon Gallery to catch the opening night reception of the Art of Steambot Studios, featuring the work of Sketch Theatre artists David ‘Vyle’ Levy and Sebastien ‘Rainart’ Larroude!

The Art of Steambot/Exoddyssey @ The Gnomon Gallery
This exhibit showcases the art of Steambot Studios, featuring the work created for their forthcoming book Exodyssey.

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Travis Louie @ Copro Nason

Travis Louie “Strange Grooming Habits” –

Kathie Olivas “Sentimental”

Where: Copro Gallery

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Art Shows! Art Shows! Art Shows!

There are a lot of really great art shows coming up the next couple of weeks in Los Angeles! Some include the work of Sketch Theatre’s finest such as Chet Zar, Steven Daily, Gary Baseman and more … please support these artists go out, have some fun and check out these shows, here is the round up!

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Wow. it's Jim Smith!

If you don’t know Jim, you only “think” you don’t know Jim. You know him, back in the day he, along with the wonderful John Kricfalusi created a seminal cartoon show called Ren & Stimpy … Oh dang!

When I think of what could have happened to our world without the impact of Ren & Stimpy crashing into our toon hungry lives back in the day when “TV Land” was barren it makes me shudder. Jim’s contributed so much to shaping our current landscape in the world of comics, animation and cartoon style. Now get a load of what I believe is his first video venture, we’ll get to watch him draw … sweet!! I was super stoked upon my visit with Jim to discover that he is also a musician and his composition “Dog Pound Hop” is a well known tune that’s used as the opening number for the original Ren & Stimpy series … yep, that’s Jim playing some mean guitar! So now that you’ve been re-acquainted with him … please enjoy Jim Smith.

Jim Smith 01


Shawn Barber Painting Seminar!

For those of you who live in Southern California or visiting in Los Angeles this weekend, you’ll have a unique opportunity to do a painting workshop with Shawn Barber! All the info is below, contact Shawn directly about remaining seats (space is limited) Read More

Meats Meier & Puscifer

Check out the latest sketch video from the great Meats Meier! Awesome tunes from Maynard James Keenan venture Puscifer accompany this sketch called “Crows Deliver the Bad Babies”




Cameron Davis and Crocodiles

Cameron Davis is back with a new sketch video!

Can’t get enough of the Cam, master of the surprise ending, check out Cameron Davis 04 “The Yolker” in all his deviant glory.
This original “Yolker” sketch is also available for sale in the Gnomon Gallery store while the “Art of Sketch Theatre” show is up through May 5th

Check it out here!

Cameron Davis 04

Music is provided by Crocodiles the song is “I Wanna Kill” I f’n LOVE this song. They’re on a North American tour with the Faint and Ladytron at this very moment, you should check them out if you dig it.




New Chet Zar!

I missed Chet Zar and I bet you did too!

He is one of the coolest and most down to earth guys ever, and consistently brings along a good dose of creepy imagery. Just a few weeks back we did a little session and this is his latest contribution to ST, Chet Zar 05 …  if you really like it, the original is amazingly still available in the Gnomon Gallery store (why?!?!?) maybe no one knew it was recently added … well secret is out, you can own this awesome sketch, go here!

Chet Zar 05
Music is provided by LA’s Black Math Horseman (singer/bassist Sera Timms actually concept designed the look of the Sketch Theatre website) that means not only is she in an awesome band that just released their first record, she also directs music videos, is a killer designer and ST’s surrogate momma, soooo how cool is Sera? VERY.




Event Photos!

“The Art of Sketch Theatre” at the Gnomon Gallery is up for viewing through May 1st 2009. Our opening night reception last Saturday was ridiculously fun, loud, fueled with cocktails, brilliantly costumed models and packed so full of talented and crazy people that you couldn’t roll a marble through the room without hitting one (seriously). Read More

Greg 'Craola' Simkins

LA has been very good to Sketch Theatre, our little metropolis never fails to produce another great talent to showcase for you all.

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins is a brilliant painter and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. His career has taken him from graffiti artist street punk to video game design and now onto a full time career with his paint brush and twisted visual mind! His first installment for Sketch Theatre is no exception, I hope to film some more with him very soon.

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins 01

Watch the video here.



Original ST Art you can own!

Sketch Theatre’s first group show is up on exhibit at the Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood, CA. from now through May 1st. Opening reception on Saturday night was a raging success, so much fun! I’ll update our blog with all the photos this week!

We sold many of the pieces created for the site but there are still some left for you art fans and collectors out there, check out and purchase online. Read More

Michael Hussar 03

It’s been a long time I know. You almost gave up on me but he’s back, the long wait for a new Hussar piece is fading out of your memory as we speak … watch and see!

Michael Hussar 03 “Bang”

This piece “Bang” and more will be available for sale at the Art of Sketch Theatre group exhibition this Saturday night in Hollywood, it’s a free show and will be one hell of an opening party so don’t miss it!
Go to Gnomon Gallery for details, directions, etc.

Gris Grimly on ST

Once in a while you meet someone that truly stands out in class of their very own. Such is the case with Gris Grimly. I enjoyed working with Gris, creating his sketch videos really gave me a sense of his meticulous nature, every line falls perfectly into place.  Gris also took careful consideration into personally selecting each piece of music for his videos, his choices are haunting and lovely to say the very least.

Here is the debut of the first of four sketches created for Sketch Theatre, the next 3 will follow shortly! Music by Antony and the Johnsons.

Gris Grimly 01


Sketch Theatre Gallery Show!

The Art of Sketch Theatre
at The Gnomon Gallery
March 21 – April 20

Public Opening and Artists’ Reception

7pm – Midnight
Live Figure Drawing, DJ, Open Bar & more! Read More