Levon Jihanian & Motorhead!

It often seems very very lucky to live in the city of Los Angeles.

Of course there are about a thousand negative things I can say about LA but rather than even bring those nasties up I’d rather talk about the pool of talented artists here!! It is deep and crystal clear, which makes it easy to spot someone like Levon Jihanian. He is one of LA’s bright, young, original and talented visionaries. I’m so happy to include him in project Sketch Theatre. He has exhibited his work in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Ontario, and written, drawn, and self-published several comic books including Bitter Disappointment, Ordinary Fieldbook, and Fork Frenzy. In between we shot 2 sketches on his recent visit to the ST studio, this is the first of the two.

Levon Jihanian 01

Soundtrack is provided by the legendary Motorhead, it really doesn’t get any better when you need an AWESOME soundtrack! Their latest record is out and you would never know Lemmy turned 63 this year!!! OMG. how does he keep rocking so hard??!?!

I’ll post the second video in coming weeks so stay tuned if you want more Levon!