Aimée Kuester

  • Aimée Kuester

Aimée Kuester is a self-taught second generation painter and charcoal enthusiast.

At first glance one might notice the vivid color palette and dexterity in her oil paintings, and the bold textural style of her charcoal work. Beneath the spirited subjects of her work hides a darker vision. Most of the themes in her work toy with the mysterious processes of how people evolve through decisions. Essentially she is an observer of the cause and effect in human actions.

Aimée was raised near Albuquerque, New Mexico surrounded by tranquil  desert in every direction. Immersed in the art culture of the Southwest, she had early exposure to gallery receptions, life drawing and plein air painting trips. Without much outside influence, she absorbed technical skill through observation and art books. It was apparent that drawing was her first language. Her parents mused, “it must be in the blood” as her obsession grew. She accepted her first national award at age 6, enjoyed showing work and by age 11 won multiple awards for her first watercolor.
After selling at respected galleries in Sante Fe, she wanted to pursue her dreams in California. She has since become a “sketch theatre sweetheart”, and exhibits in galleries all around California. Her paintings are included in numerous private collections worldwide.

Aimée has also done work as a fashion illustrator. Her fine art background allowed her to make an easy transition to conceptualizing costumes. Her infatuation with the female form coupled with her imagination drew the attention of stylists and opened the door to working with clients like Katy Perry and Shakira.
She loves working in the concept stage where anything is possible; designing avant-garde pieces that are innovative and dynamic. Aimée’s original custom designs are showcased in music videos, international performances, Nickelodeon, MTV, esteemed award ceremonies and more.
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