May & June Sketch Winners!

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the May & June Contests!! Read More

What's up with Travis Louie?

Remember back when Travis Louie debuted his first Sketch Theatre video? Well if not let me take you back a couple months …. Travis Louie 01

Travis was working out some ideas for new paintings at the time and knew that whatever he put down under our camera would most likely end up becoming a painting. He just finished it! Here is the image of his little sketch fleshed out into a finished Louie original. Really cool! Read More

June Nightmares, Sketch to Win!

The economy … the circus … the election year …. bizarre weather conditions brought forth by evident environmental damnation … love…the unrequited kind…reality TV…. the collective numbing of human consciousness. I know even the most sound of you have a sleepless night or two and with them …NIGHTMARES!!! … the ability to scare the hell out of yourself is a fun party trick. And you’re the party. Read More

3rd sketch from Christian Scheurer

I just posted Christian Scheurer’s 3rd video!

He actually recorded this sketch on the same day as his first two. I didn’t quite find the right tune at the time and set this beauty aside. But then came the fabulous Black Mountain and all is set right, the song is “Queens Will Play” … enjoy! Read More

Cameron Davis, new video!

Cameron brings some serious skills with his latest video

Cameron Davis 02


don’t forget to comment, this one kills!


Rory Root 1957-2008

ST would like to pay homage to an ambassador of the Comics World. If you’re in the Bay Area of Northern California, visit Comic Relief and see for yourself where the great spirit of comics still lives … bon voyage Rory. Read More

"May" I Tattoo You? Sketch to Win!

Contest???? Contest ???? Hello Contest?
Yeah! Finally the MAY CONTEST! Sketch to Win some cool stuff! Oh and what do you get to sketch? Read More

Copro Nason Group Show May 10th!

Copro Nason Gallery this Saturday Night!
Group Showing of 3 artists on Saturday May 10th 2008… Chet Zar, Mari Inukai & Luke Cheuh Read More

The Mountain Goats & Aesop Rock!


“Lovecraft in Brooklyn” (Aesop Rock remix)
here on Sketch Theatre!

To say I’m stoked about this is a HUGE understatement.
Anyone who knows me knows how much I dig The Mountain Goats and it just happens to be that master artist/producer Aesop Rock has done a remix of the track “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” off of The Mountain Goats latest record “Heretic Pride”. Read More

Alien Invasion… the winner is…

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the April Alien Invasion Contest… Read More

Please welcome Gary Baseman!

Did somebody say LA/Hollywood please step up? Yes, I did! At the cusp of summer I begin to get nostalgic about my home, Los Angeles (hell-a), it’s a pretty cool place in case you haven’t been here and despite what you may have heard! Read More

The Deadly Syndrome do Radiohead!

Hey Guys!

The Deadly Syndrome is one of the many cool bands who’s music I’ve featured here on Sketch Theatre …. Read More

April Alien Invasion Contest!

April Alien Invasion!!!

UFO’s, Extraterrestrials, Aliens, Martians, Intergalactic Beings … whatever you want to call them … they show up when you least expect them … and therefore .. so has the April Sketch to Win Competition!

Little late, yes. So apologies and now get those entries in! There are cool prizes waiting for the winner! Read More

Mari.. Mari..Mari.. New Video!

Mari Inukai makes the cutest creatures come to life … I can’t think of a nicer way to kick off the weekend than to bring you a new sketch video from miss Mari … so check out Mari Inukai 03 I hope it inspires you to maybe create that kid’s show you’ve been kicking around forever… who would’ve thought Spongebob had a shot right?? Read More

Shawn Barber is Back!

Shawn Barber recently stopped in to throw down a new sketch for everyone, this one was quick and totally spontaneous … and maybe just a tad alcohol induced 😉 …. a fun watch!

For all the Barber fans out there, the big news is that his beautiful new book Forever & Ever has just been released! I got the chance to see it and it’s a real beauty, I’ll definitely be picking up a copy … you must see it! Read More