Art Week in Los Angeles!

The air is totally electric this week….the election is over and it’s time to see some art in LA, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!


The Silver Lake Art Crawl

Now in its 11th year, will once again be an affirmation of the
Eastside as an important center of artistic expression, defined by a
creative independence unique to our part of Los Angeles. This weekend
over 25 art galleries will open their doors to display their latest
works and showcase the creativity of over 100 participating artists. Read More

Nate Frizzell's first solo exhibition

Nate Frizzell’s first Solo Exhibition!

Saturday Nov 08, 2008
at 7:00 PM

Cerasoli : LeBasse Gallery
8530-B Washington Blvd
Culver City, California|5 90232 United States
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Kali, Kali, Kali!!

You’re about to meet your new favorite cartoonist…Kali Fontecchio has joined Sketch Theatre!

I’ve written and re-written descriptive encouragements why you should check out Kali’s page of how funny, expressive and brilliantly executed her characters are, then I gave up. Really her work speaks for itself and better that I just guide you directly to the visuals. So please, place your snazzy energy dome upon your head and enjoy the trip to Kali land. Read More

Welcome Gene Guynn!

Please check out Sketch Theatre’s latest artist, Gene Guynn !
Gene is young, talented, incredible painter residing in San Francisco.
Yes, you can envy him. We all should. I was lucky to catch him before he catapults too far out of reach.
Keep an eye out for him and his studio’s moniker Rhino Barking Sparrow! Read More

ST interview, 2D Artist Magazine

The October issue of 2D Artist magazine was released today. It includes a 7 page featured article about Sketch Theatre, with lots of pictures! Please check it out! Read More

Now Showing, Wayne Barlowe!

I’m sooooo stoked to bring you a new video starring the legendary Wayne Barlowe. Read More

Los Angeles Artists

LA Artists …..

If you are an artist in LA or visiting the Los Angeles, Southern Ca, Hollywood area. Please contact Sketch Theatre if you think you’d like to be on the site! Read More

Welcome Steven Daily!

I had a totally fun time shooting with Los Angeles artist Steven Daily last week! Read More

New video from Cameron Davis!

I’m so stoked to bring you this killer new Sketch Video from Cameron Davis, the music track is “We Have A Map Of The Piano” from the Icelandic group Múm … a sweet sketch and a surprise ending, make sure you watch until the end!! Read More

Interview with Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis

Artist Cameron Davis currently earns his daily bread as a Character Designer for Neversoft Entertainment, creating a colorful cast of shredders for the Guitar Hero franchise. Read on to dig a little deeper into the world according to Cam…. Read More

Vyle's latest video is up!

David Levy’s second video for Sketch Theatre is up! Please comment!


click here to watch the video.
Music is by punk band Allison from Mexico City check them out at


The ST forum is up!!

Was it worth the wait for our new Forum?? Yes!!

Go post now, become a member & be a part of the Sketch Theatre community!

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"Nightmares" competition winner!

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the “Nightmares” Sketch Competition! Read More

Nate Frizzell 04!

Watch Nate’s new SKETCH THEATRE video, his fourth installment!
Music by Grizzly Bear! Read More

Check out Michael Broom!

I’d like you all to check out Sketch Theatre’s latest artist, Michael Broom!
Among many artistic talents, Michael spends his days creating really scary shit for some of your favorite horror films, his credits include Stephen King’s “The Mist”, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, and the upcoming ‘Fear Itself’ television series and ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Read More