Nate Frizzell's first solo exhibition

Nate Frizzell’s first Solo Exhibition!

Saturday Nov 08, 2008
at 7:00 PM

Cerasoli : LeBasse Gallery
8530-B Washington Blvd
Culver City, California|5 90232 United States
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Nate Frizzell opens ‘Put on a Happy Face,’ his first solo exhibition in Gallery II. Frizzell uses highly rendered images and softer graphic elements, weaving tangible emotions into his portraits. As an artist his focus is less on the actual subject as it is on portraying the emotions the character is representing.

Contrasting the vitality and flamboyant hues of his foreground figures with an often washed out landscape seen in the background, Frizzell questions the human condition and the difficulty we have being honest with ourselves and those around us.Presented to the viewer as paintings of children, we see at first innocence not yet formatted by society. The bright colors and playful presentation belie the truth – that there is nothing joyous or innocent about these youthful subjects. With hidden faces, each subject is alone and desperately hiding the self-consciousness and emotional pain our society prefers not to admit to.