Wow. it's Jim Smith!

If you don’t know Jim, you only “think” you don’t know Jim. You know him, back in the day he, along with the wonderful John Kricfalusi created a seminal cartoon show called Ren & Stimpy … Oh dang!

When I think of what could have happened to our world without the impact of Ren & Stimpy crashing into our toon hungry lives back in the day when “TV Land” was barren it makes me shudder. Jim’s contributed so much to shaping our current landscape in the world of comics, animation and cartoon style. Now get a load of what I believe is his first video venture, we’ll get to watch him draw … sweet!! I was super stoked upon my visit with Jim to discover that he is also a musician and his composition “Dog Pound Hop” is a well known tune that’s used as the opening number for the original Ren & Stimpy series … yep, that’s Jim playing some mean guitar! So now that you’ve been re-acquainted with him … please enjoy Jim Smith.

Jim Smith 01