Aimée Kuester 02

Artist: Aimée Kuester  |  January 23, 2010  | 

Aimée’s awesome second installment, with a nod to the majestic Bjork!

bjork_leaf_12 Bjork


  1. p-jay

    No surprise. Again excellent sketching.
    Oh how i enjoyed watching the birth of this! 😀 Just as your first sketch on this site.

  2. Golem_Quebecois

    Awesome! I like a lot

  3. jasmin

    my goodness woman
    you never cease to amaze me
    you captured bjork’s eyes; i too adore her and i saw her some alive in your drawing

    keep up the good work
    you are a tremendous artist

  4. jessica

    wow. it’s amazing to see in action. It’s clear that this is what you were born to do.

  5. lou ter

    Girl, Once again you inspire so much. Simple brilliant! x

  6. Antone

    I absolutely love your fingernails!

  7. SH(A)NE

    All I want to know is when do I get my first issue of your comic book….. Your expertise could could create some amazing Heroes/Villans.

  8. Kenny


  9. MrMar

    Beautiful. I hope to see more!

  10. Loopz


    You probably already know that Bjork has a place in my heart. I love her music and her unique beauty. Great to see your drawing come to life to a fantastic tune! 🙂


  11. Heidi

    I love it!!

  12. Aimee Kuester

    You guys are awesome, thanks for the support! Sketch Theatre is so rad!
    and of course, CHEERS to Bjork, an incredible individual that has influenced so many
    souls with her unique vision.

  13. Splat Ter

    I didn’t think it was possible but I feel like I love you even more now than ever before. Thanks for being you. You are amazing. Splat Ter

  14. Leticia Singleterry

    Wow! i loved the sketch 🙂 so inspiring

  15. Leticia Singleterry

    more more more!!

  16. Joao Aliano

    Yes, more. Please!

  17. Gregory N. King

    Absolutly Kick Ass…….I can see a major Advertiser buying that style….Like IBM, Coca-Cola, American Express, MGM.,BMW………WOW. I loved the Drawing when you were half done. Your Dad
    was right ……………… are special……………………Gregory

  18. Joel

    Great work

  19. Tara

    me again what paper do u use? i normally paint but i want to do more charcoal work just never sure what wud be best

  20. ancatdubh29

    you are totally inspiring me to do more charcoal work. This is beautiful

  21. Rime

    hi, your sketch is amasing . i just want know what kind of pencil you had use?
    ( i’m sorry, i’m french and i learn english, so please forgive my bad language) 😀

  22. Walter

    Awesome work girl! I cant draw to save myself, and know less about art as it is. But what I do know is that you have massive talent. I’ve enjoyed the creation of your work, and I hope to view more from you. 😀 Totally, AMAZING!

  23. k.v. khai

    beyond BRILLIANT!

  24. Gregory Brown

    Absolutely amazing, and I love the charcoal.
    BTW would anyone happen to know which Bjork song this is?

  25. wretchedrevenge

    This is absolutely amazing! I love this drawing and the music as well.

  26. Aimee Kuester

    Thank you so much you guys! @tara I use a toned (colored) strathmore paper which you can find in pads at most art stores. @gregory brown the song is ‘Hunter’

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