Aimée Kuester 07

Artist: Aimée Kuester  |  February 10, 2012  | 

Watch lovely Aimée Kuester in her 7th installment! A majestic sketch and perfect way to start your weekend, with moody music from OC trio Thrice




  1. Justin

    Beautiful work.

  2. martin

    Fantastic! Such a moving piece of music for such a wonderful drawing! Kudos to you Aimee and look forward to seeing more!

  3. Sara FE

    Gorgeous drawing!

  4. K Candy


  5. trataraja

    amazing work!

  6. robert kuester

    What talent, beautiful piece, almost aa beautiful as you

  7. Kjell Ove

    Quite beautiful 🙂

  8. ykanoism

    Very beautiful. The eyes are very captivating and I love how to kept the colors minimal.
    It was very nice to see you draw.

  9. chris

    Lovely. Defintiely one of my favorite.

  10. riggstv

    What kind of camera and what frame rate are you using for the time lapse of the drawing. Beautiful work!!!

  11. kunal saikia

    mesmerising piece of work. . .
    u inspire me

  12. miccetro

    yo dats a crazy drawing, very impressive and the music was awesome awesome but the drawing was better. Awesome!!!

  13. Criticuria

    Very cool. At first, I thought, wow, just like a roadside, black velvet crap painting! Then I watched the video and studied the pic. It’s nice work.

  14. amir wali

    im interested in hand sketching plz give me some tips and tricks about skitching

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