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Artist: Aimée Kuester  |  December 11, 2009  | 

Aimee Kuester has joined Sketch Theatre! Watch her impressive first video with sounds from Amon Tobin, welcome Aimee and her exquisite music selection!

AmonTobin Amon Tobin


  1. Conny

    totally loved this video, great sketch!

  2. Mike

    Love it !!!!!!

  3. ideo

    Very good sketch ! Love it !

  4. Edgar Varela

    Great Job Aimee, nice to see the skills at work, keep it up!

  5. Loopz

    Awesome Aimee. I’ve always loved your art but the darker the better. The background reminds me of the artwork you did for my promotional CD. Everyone should check the art out – it’s on my website but i’m sure its on Aimee’s website as well.

    Again…COOL drawing 🙂

  6. Marissa

    Breathtaking work, Aimee. Amazing!

  7. Luke Pidgeon

    Aimee, I’ve seen much of your work over the years but never actually seen the process of creation before. It was amazing to see it come alive. Outstanding!!

  8. Jessica Ward

    Cool drawing, nicely done.

  9. Aimée Kuester

    thank you so much everyone, this was so fun.. stay tuned!

  10. Cameron Markham

    Still the coolest person and my favorite artist that exists in this world, hands down, and this video is a snapshot of why.

    Great for others apart from the luckiest husband ever, to experience a moment of your magic.

  11. Kat Witt

    Aimee is magic.

  12. Charlie Bird

    awesome job aimee! you are so talented, keep up the amazing work

  13. Jonny

    Beautiful! So proud of you! I especially liked the heart at the end!

  14. Turtle


  15. p-jay

    I’m stunned with how awesomely realistic and perfectly polished a sketch can be. sketchtheatre is full of great sketches but this one really stands out. From now on, I’m Your fan on fb as well :]

  16. jessica

    i think your work is so special becuase you see the world differently than most people. Your perception is so unique and maybe thats whey your talent is also. you have a way of noticing the beauty in things that others overlook and it has always reflected in your pieces….ps. sexy hands!

  17. shadow

    love it…………

  18. shadow

    i love it ………awesome she had the tellent…….

  19. michelle

    wonderful…her work is always stunning.

    not to mentionshe has beautiful hands! 😉

  20. robert kuester

    What a blessing for a father to see your gift (which was evident as soon as you could pick up a pencil) come into blossom…though still a wonderful beginning of things to come. I love you dear,

  21. Kris

    Very cool, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Killer process, sincerely impressed.

  22. archan

    just amazing

  23. Muertos89

    Awesome work, any chance to get a print?

  24. Muertos89

    awesome work!, is there a possible way to obtain a print of this one?

  25. Aimee Kuester

    I would love to consider getting a print available of this one.. I will sniff around to see what I can do. The original is sold to a private collector, (at the sketch theatre art show.. which was an awesome event for all) but I may be able to get it back for scanning.

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