Aimée Kuester 06

Artist: Aimée Kuester  |  October 9, 2011  | 

Check out ST sweetheart Aimée Kuester’s playful and gorgeous latest installment with music from UK’s Robots in Disguise

images Robots in Disguise






    aimee’s fantastic!

  2. Jemor Campbell

    LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aimee Kuester

    thanks much!

  4. Chuck Fogg

    This is a wonderful video , i would love to be able to slow it down and see more of the way you develop your line.

  5. jb

    Three thumbs up!

  6. Riley III

    exxxxxxcellent!!! I still struggle with hands after all these many moons..great work!!!

  7. Wow Aimee your work is very inspiring. Great concept!

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