Aimée Kuester 04

Artist: Aimée Kuester  |  December 10, 2010  | 

Welcome back ST darling Aimée Kuester in her fourth installment, a pulsing track from New Orleans’ MuteMath accompanies this brilliant sketch!

mm2 MuteMath


  1. SERPO

    Fuck yeah, that’s cool………………

  2. -Idojima-

    WOW…. Very nice i love it.

  3. Kjell Ove

    Really like this one. A lot of cool little ideas going on.

  4. Aimee Kuester

    Thank you so much.. yes it’s heavy with meaning …

  5. jessica smith

    Ummm… are absurdly talented!

  6. paulehr

    damn that’s pretty tight, how long did that drawing take for you to do?

  7. Aimee Kuester

    @paulehr 59 minutes.. I was racing the clock (or tape I should say)

  8. Erik

    So cool Aimee! such an awesome piece of work! 🙂

  9. paulehr

    Aimee for racing the clock that piece still looks pretty badass 🙂

  10. Brian Whitmire

    LOVE the sketch and the track. Kudos.

  11. phil hulebak

    Now you’re talking.You have mucho your Mom and Dad in you.Wild to see how the Internet has changed the world.Keep your focus and you’ll make a few bucks at this. Love your subject matter,dated it for years.Stay healthy,Phil

  12. ancatdubh29

    Amy is so rad. I love this. This makes me want to do more charcoal stuff.

  13. jmalave

    Wicked inspiring sketch. Probably my favorite one of yours yet 😀 I think I need to start working on toned paper more after having seen this :p

  14. Jim McCabe

    I love looking at the sketches that you do. I remember seeing pictures that you drew back a while ago at G and G McCabe’s house. I think that your dad sent them to them or something. Very Nice Aimee. You do amazing work.

  15. Noriyuki Kurenai

    Hey nice Sketch!
    I would like to know the name of the song being played, I’ve been looking for it but I can’t find it.
    any help will be appreciated!

  16. Lily Feliciano

    Hi Noriyuki. The song I used for this clip is called “After We Have Left Our Homes” … a song Aimee had requested, she is very inspired by music!

  17. Noriyuki Kurenai

    Thank you so much!, and I apologize for the late response.

  18. miguel fierros

    you’re really good

  19. Aimee Kuester

    hey everyone! thank you very much for your continued support! I love you all!

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