Kali Fontecchio

  • Kali Fontecchio

Drawing cartoons since the age of four, there was never much debate as to what Kali would do with her life. A healthy diet of Looney Tunes, Disney, silent comedies, and 60s psychedelia along with the need to be silly and goof off confirmed that she was definitely an artist.

She attended Otis College of Art and Design in the Digital Media department, and received her Bachelor’s Degree in the arts. Working through school in between classes on character design for games, flash animation for commercials, and background painting for film.

Currently working under the wing of seasoned pro, John K. on conceptual art for film, layout, and color design for television/ internet projects.

Kali lives in Burbank with her friends, and enjoys playing guitar and singing about how she caught her lover cheating last night and shot them both dead, and so the sheriff is going to hang her in the morning.

“Kali is the latest young cartoon prodigy. In an era where classic drawing and cartooning skills seem to be vanishing, Kali takes her influences from the great cartoons and comics of the past. Look out for her to be one of the next movers and shakers in the cartoon business.” — John K.

Kali’s blog can be viewed here.