Kali Fontecchio 04, let’s celebrate DEVO!

To celebrate an event happening tonight at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. I have worked up a great little video from Sketch Theatre darling and Devo fan Kali Fontecchio!

DEVO, have reunited to play some very special shows this fall, last night they performed their 1978 debut record Question: Are We Not Men, Answer: We are Devo! at the Henry Fonda Theatre in it’s entirety. Tonight they will perform Freedom of Choice, of course these shows are sold out, but if you are saavy, hanging around LA and have a few bucks I’m sure you could have a wonderful time there, and spot Kali to boot!

For those who want to feel the nostalgia but will not attend, I present Kali Fontecchio 04 … appropriately paired with the first track off of Freedom of Choice …. Girl U Want!!