Kali Fontecchio 08

Artist: Kali Fontecchio  |  May 17, 2012  | 

Welcome back Miss Kali Fontecchio with a whole slew of characters to feast your eyes on, she was sorely missed! Music from the classic, yet always modern Talking Heads.

518ZJ1otZ6L._SS133_Talking Heads


  1. Idojima

    wow awesome work.

  2. Ellis In Culver City

    Super Markeralicious! That was a lot of fun.

  3. Miss Mindy

    Ok Kali, you are going to make this into wallpaper right now!–(and I will cover walls everywhere!)
    so super nice.. 🙂 mm

  4. Eric


  5. IB

    I can’t believe i haven’t heard of you before. That was amazing! Definitely keeping an eye out for you.

  6. boyet d

    Talking Heads & Talking Hands by Kali … Superb Combo!

  7. Sara FE

    Really interesting characters, and very well drawn!

  8. Ryan


  9. Moop

    STOKED… brilliant… magnifique!!!!

    p.s. what is the name of the markers!?

  10. KillerNapkins

    i love this! great work!

  11. Art

    Great awesome!!! Cute 🙂

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