Kali Fontecchio 04

Artist: Kali Fontecchio  |  November 5, 2009  | 

Kali Fontecchio 04, with Devo!

41QGGFJXD0L._SL500_AA240_ Devo


  1. Darby

    Kali rules!

  2. aker

    Nice work:) What is the pen you used to black lines?

  3. John Nord

    Excellent! I love it!

  4. Alex_M

    Kali- would you consider revealing which pen you’re using here? Recently I bought a brush pen and absolutely hate it. The pen youre using here looks amazing to use and complements your technique. awesome image and great song-

  5. Kali Fontecchio

    Hey I use a Japanese brush that I bought in Little Tokyo- I have no idea what it’s name is cause it’s in another language!

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