1. danielle

    friggin’ awesome. Kali never seizes to amaze me

  2. Nico

    Kali is my favorite human beeeing!

  3. kudret

    thanks …. )

  4. Krm

    Fabulous one shot drawings…
    Could you tell us what pen did you use?

  5. thisel

    genius!!! i’m lovin’ your sketch!

  6. jamie

    wow. this is awesome. what pens did you use?

  7. Whit

    SO COOOOL!!! I honestly was just going to ask you if you draw the face shape first or the eyes and now I see that you just start wherever and that’s super hard to do! That just shows that you’re mondo-talented. I don’t know why I hyphenated that… YEAH! RIGHT ON KALI!

  8. angelinaa

    im amazed

  9. stern

    spumco roks!

  10. rose

    Rad! What pens?

  11. Colter

    These are great. I also find it hilarious that they are slight variations of Nico.

    Nico how does it feel to be a template?

  12. santiago

    she´s the most talented woman on earth

  13. MIGS

    absolutely talented !!!!!!!!!!!!!! = ]

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