Mister Sam

Sam Shearon also known under the pseudonym ‘Mister-Sam’ is a dark-artist originally born in Liverpool, England in the United Kingdom.

Specializing in horror and science-fiction, his work often includes elements inspired by ancient cultures, the occult, industrial/art/revolution-eras and the supernatural.

Sam studied at the University of Leeds in the College of Art & Design, West Yorkshire, England. He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honors in 2000 for Visual Communication. Shortly after, he went on to become a qualified Art teacher gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Huddersfield University. His first solo exhibition entitled ‘A Walk On the Darkside’, boasted forty five pieces of his original artwork including 6-foot-tall (1.8 m) demonic statues, bio-mechanical monsters and giant canvas’ depicting images of horror and the macabre. The exhibition was featured in various National newspapers including The Daily Telegraph as well as BBC Radio ONE and live interviews on BBC Radio Leeds North – resulting in the show being extended to six weeks due to popular demand.

‘Mister-Sam’ has created Dark-Artwork for a variety of rock and metal music related clients including Jason Charles Miller, Godhead: Edge of the World, Keith Caputo, Dass Berdache, Ryan Oldcastle, HIM, Iron Maiden, Cradle of Filth, Black Water Rising, and Rob Zombie. Sam’s dark artwork can also be found in the form of graphics on the bodies of guitars as well as a number of other music related formats where his work can be seen on various types of musical equipment and apparel including carry cases, drum skins and merchandise. Clients include Coffin Case and ESP Guitars.

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