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Art is an electricity that passes through the eye, into the heart and out of the hand. I will be on the quest for this eye-heart-hand reflex for the rest of my life….

Scott Glazier is a firm believer in learning through experience, which is evident in his artistic endeavors. From the glaring permanence of his 2008 series Environomy to the haunting ambiguity of his latest collection, Series 7, Glazier, art isn’t meant to instruct, but to suggest. Its up to the viewer to decide how to participate.

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Glazier immersed himself in the coursework of some of the most renowned art institutes in the Nation, including the Art Center College of Design, Otis School of Design, the Art Institute of Chicago and Art Students League of New York, to name a few. Glazier has held positions at some of the very same institutions, as an instructor in alla prima painting, figure drawing, portraiture and portfolio preparation. By immersing himself in the coursework, ideas and questions of his students, Glazier’s own educational journey continued along the way.

Glazier credits his love of sailing with much of his artistic inspiration, likening the movement within his work to the energy and wind harnessed by a ship sails. This natural flow translates in Glazier’s sense of artistic permanence. He believes every mark made, particularly in line drawings, is meant to be a part of the piece. Nothing is erased and nothing is corrected.

Not only do Glazier’s heavy-handed line drawings and oil portraits exemplify this mentality; Scott’s work as a tattoo artist is perhaps the most literal translation of this artistic permanence. For over 7 years, Glazier has humbly run Speakeasy Tattoo from inside his studio, with a growing list of dedicated clients worldwide. Glazier’s tattoo aesthetic mirrors the flow, shading and surrealism of his studio art.

Glazier’s current collection, Series 7, is once again a lesson in interpretation for both the artist and the viewer. A total of seven oil paintings on canvas, each work examines one of the seven deadly sins. Yet, the ambiguity of the collection as a whole leads the viewer to wonder, which painting represents which sin?‚ Or more appropriately, which painting represents which sin for me?

The collection can be seen at Glazier’s private studio by appointment. Glazier has previously shown his work and auctioned pieces for various philanthropic organizations at the Skirball Cultural Center (Los Angeles) XIT Gallery (Culver City), The Armory (Pasadena) River East Art Center (Chicago) and LAMOA (Long Beach). With Series 7, Glazier is pleased to offer an uninterrupted, non-persuasive viewing for all those interested, via private appointment.

Active within the non-profit arts community, Scott Glazier is the founder of Crossing for Cancer, a seminal cross-country cycling journey, in conjunction with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. During 2008’s inaugural event, Glazier sketched individuals battling Pancreatic Cancer in various cities throughout the Western United States en route, culminating in an exhibition of the portraits at the Lurie Atrium, Chicago Northwestern. Additionally, he is a speaker and art instructor at 2nd Street Elementary (Los Angeles) and has worked with organizations such as The Hollenbeck Youth Center, Toys for Tots and the ALS Association.

His commissioned work hangs in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino (Las Vegas), the offices of New Regency Films (Los Angeles), the chambers of the Illinois State Senator and has been requested for events by the Hedge Fund and private collections worldwide.

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