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  • James Daly III

James Daly III has been working professionally for 19 years as an illustrator, conceptual artist, and comic book artist. The artist was born in Indiana, but grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin, and with no formal education began his career shortly after high school.

Currently acting as Lead Concept Artist with High Moon Studios, developers of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Transformers: War for Cybertron, and The Bourne Conspiracy for Xbox 360 and PS3, James manages a team of conceptual designers who provide the visual look for the studios’ various video game projects.

Game titles like Unreal Tournament 2007, Area 51: Black Site, DC Comics Online, Earth & Beyond, and City of Heroes, are among his many credits spanning 15 years as a conceptual artist in games. James has had the opportunity to work with several industry veterans on various projects including the sci-fi MMO Tabula Rasa from online gaming pioneer Richard Garriot, as well as projects from Jerry O’Flaherty, Tom Hall, and John Romero. Most notably is Warren Spector’s futuristic thriller Deus Ex from Eidos Interactive which in 2001 was awarded “Best Game” from The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). In addition to his work in games, comics and illustration James provided storyboards for film director Russell Mulcahy (Highlander, Resident Evil Apocalypse).

He worked alongside artist Timothy Bradstreet, and writers Thomas Jane and Steve Niles on the 6-issue comic book series Bad Planet from Raw Studios and Image Comics. His work can also be seen on covers for the X-Files series from Wildstorm/ DC Comics as well as books based on the film Halloween, and video game Bionic Commando from Devil’s Due Publishing. His other work in comics can be found on covers for Spooks: Omega Team, Gutwrencher, Graveslinger, and recently Archaia Comics’ Moon Lake anthology with writer Stef Hutchinson.

In the past James produced a bevy of illustration work for White Wolf Games on their Vampire and Werewolf RPG game franchise. At Marvel Comics James had the opportunity to illustrate classic characters like Ghost Rider and the X-Men. He has also been published by Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, and Desperado Publishing to name a few.

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