James Daly III 01

Artist: James Daly III  |  February 7, 2012  | 

Welcome to ST the amazing James Daly III in his debut video, incredible skills with music from ST faves Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


  1. Scott Harben

    I have known Jim for many years and I am very fortunate to call him friend. He is amazing and inspiring all at once. Great freakin guy too…..

  2. Mike


  3. Clayton H.

    Great work! Love the ink work in the black background, and where it mixes with her hair. Awesome!

  4. Matt

    Jim have too much talent it practically explode out of him like bear. I sometime wish for him to me would share some of his massive load of talent on me.


  5. Justin

    This is fantastic – I love it.

  6. trataraja

    This work is so beautiful!!
    what kind of pen does he use?

  7. Jim Daly

    Thanks y’all, and Scott you’re a sweetheart. 🙂

    I use Sakura Pigma Brush pens to do most of my ink sketch work with. They act like little sharp brushes at first, then become frayed and create some interesting textures. The ink is also archival, so the image don’t soak through and turn blue after time. I would normally use a real sable brush and some Black Magic ink, but these are easier to carry around in my bag. 😉


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