Christian Lorenz Scheurer

  • Christian Lorenz Scheurer

Christian Lorenz Scheurer’s life is as detailed as his matte paintings and concept art. Born in Switzerland to a zoologist father and an artist mother, Christian studied math and science before moving to the art academy in Brussels, Belgium. He worked on several films, won the Philip Morris Award for his graphic novels, got struck by lightning and moved to Hollywood. As a concept artist, Christian worked on The Fifth Element at Digital Domain before contributing to numerous commercials, theme parks and feature films, including Titanic, Dark City, What Dreams May Come and The Matrix.

Moving to Hawaii, Christian joined Square One to work on Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. He also contributed to the game Final Fantasy IX, and produced concept and matte art for The Animatrix. Currently in Los Angeles, Christian was the production designer for the short film Labratz, and art directed the video game Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King for Electronic Arts.