Christian Lorenz Scheurer Sketch 01



  1. Daniel Daya Landerman

    Christian, you’re unstoppable! I love your work, more so because it’s so European. Awesome stuff from beginning to end. Cheers!

  2. Michael Olszak

    Dude. your drawings techniques are so freakin amazing man. I’m just starting out with drawing and it’s so unbelievable to see someone just sit down and draw something without using any pre- layed down under drawing. amazing work man. RESPECT 😀

  3. Jessica

    Truly an amazing artist! I just love watching how he sketches!!!

  4. Bob Ward

    I love how you draw!

  5. Michael Paskar

    I love how you draw! more than Bob Ward loves how you draw!

  6. shuyin

    great ideas

  7. milan

    as my favourite artist for several years i have been inspired endlessly by every single piece of art you ever created. thank you for constantly sharing your work and answering fan mail with good advice whenever it’s needed.

  8. samia jaber

    if i stay ten hours watching your drawing it will not be enough. good work.

  9. Tom Voirol

    You’ve come a long way, mate! Fantastic stuff!

  10. the tasteless

    Your work which I am new to from now on is extremely inspiring me for my work, I am on the way to become a 3D- artist one day – hopefully!
    T. Tasteless

  11. Felix

    Wow, just love the way you draw. It looks so damn easy when you do it.

  12. Travis

    Fascinating!! Utterly brilliant! Amazing. I could watch these videos for hours.

  13. combo

    greaaaattt ^^

  14. Pam Sandridge

    You’re such a talent and I’m thrilled that the rest of the world is learning about you, too!

  15. Pam Sandridge

    You’re such a TALENT and I’m thrillled that the rest of the world is learning about you, too!

  16. Flow

    Great!! Simple line is completed the texture and tones!!

  17. Flow

    Great!! Simple texture, tones, arts movement are completed a sketch.

  18. Andres Montesinos

    Great to see you drawing again my friend, is always inspiring is always a pleasure, great work thanks for let us learn from you! greetings from the third world

  19. Yahya Ehsan

    Absolutely beautiful and, i loved the way you do profiles of face!

  20. todd

    Awesome videos! Thanks for showing us.

  21. Edgardo Granel Ruiz

    98 seconds of pure genius.
    That was fascinating, I’m grateful for that experience.
    I got no words to describe this little piece of production. From the music, the flow of the pen…Thanks.

    Edgardo Granel-Ruiz

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