Tight Black Rubber

That title was lifted from the new Black Francis album Bluefinger, an album inspired by the life and works of the late Dutch painter Herman Brood. There’s a great line in that song Tight Black Rubber “It’s amazing it works!” pretty much sums up the feeling I have about our Sketch Theatre too. 🙂

We’ve been up for over a week now, hopefully everyone has poured over the present videos on the site, please comment if you have! Feedback is always welcome. This week we added a new artist to the site, Luke Chueh. If you haven’t checked out his video yet do it now, you will dig it! We have more coming up from Luke if you like what you see, so stay tuned on that. I also want to mention that Robert from the amazing Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was into what we’re doing and offered up some music from his band’s catalog, you’ll probably be hearing lots more BRMC on Sketch Theatre too… SWEET!.

I’m editing new footage every day and some of the new artists coming onto the site are Dave Dorman, Jeff Nentrup, Jeff McMillan and Bayard Baudoin. Also KILLER new sketch videos from Daphne Yap, Hussar, and Dave Hill are just around the corner.

I will update you in the next few days, stay out of trouble… draw something.

🙂 L.