Please welcome Fred Harper!

I am so happy to bring you a debut video from the wonderful Fred Harper! Prior to shooting with him I had a few little voices whispering in my ear .. “You really need Fred on Sketch Theatre, he’s amazing” and then watched as he was literally pushed into my booth at Comic Con so we could meet!  I couldn’t agree more, he is amazing and I think this sweet sketch is a clear representation of that. If you like this check out his personal website where you will see the illustration and caricature work he’s done for publications such as “Time”, “The Wall Street Journal”,”The New York Times”, “Playboy”, “The Village Voice”, “Sports Illustrated”, and just about every issue of “The Week” magazine. As well as work he’s done for Marvel Comics and his personal work.

Fred-Harper_01_NewsFred Harper 2009
I’ve paired this awesome debut with a track off of the debut Monsters of Folk album, a super group! If you like this track I really recommend picking up the album it’s just good music. We can always use more of that.