Fresh Meats

For your holiday weekend , it’s what you wanted right??

The indescribably talented Meats Meier is now gracing us with his presence on Sketch Theatre … and he’s brought us oodles of baby! When Meats decides he wants to give you some creepy kids, he doesn’t hold back. Check out his newborns here. And since it’s the holiday weekend hopefully none of you will be at work and you’re going to have lots of time to surf youtube guilt-free :DDD … which means you can get familiar with what Meats was busy with all summer… directing and creating the latest music video for Maynard James Keenan’s new Puscifer album. Meats’ elaborate CG Video for the song Queen B is on now!

Enjoy your Meats! Have a safe Thanksgiving holiday …

Me? I’m having Tofurky and adopting a turkey from Farm Sanctuary, *sigh* us LA kids … I know, I know.

Oh! And a Sketch to Win Competition is coming in December!!
Sharpen your pencils and get ready for more details to come!