Featured Artist "Black Frog"

New video is up from Featured Artist the “Black Frog” … have you checked him out yet??? If not you are missing out …

Black Frog is the definitive artist … talented, visionary, dedicated, impossible to categorize, inspiring and a touch bizarre. Igor travels the world with his sketch book attached at all times, he’s a whirlwind of imagination and pencil shavings … and you could not stop him from creating day and night if you tried. For your visual feast this weekend I put together a little video of one of Black Frog’s sessions here at Sketch Theatre, it includes some fun takes of what you didn’t see because when he picks up that pencil … he goes all the way, he must have done over 50 sketches in just a few hours. He’s that cool. Check out Black Frog’s page here. Check out his book “Doodles” … you can have a chance to win a copy of it if you enter our Sketch to Win contest. And once you get through checking out al of Black Frog’s cool work, I have no doubt you’ll be sending in some cool drawings of your own…this month’s category is Girls Girls Girls…. Below are links to some of the Black Frog’s sketches!

and here are your goals for this weekend….

#1 Draw!

#2 Enter our Contest!