Dave Dorman's Creature Feature

Dave Dorman is our new featured artist!

If you were anything like me as a kid you worshipped the intergalactic land of droids and cinnamon bun headed princess’ that is Star Wars. Somewhere deep in the earth of my parents garden there must be an army of lost Stormtrooper action figures that dove to their muddy death decades ago.

Dave is one of those guys who made the dream real, he gets to bring to life the world of Star Wars to this very day. His beautiful concept work can be seen in full detail on his personal website. Recently, he was in the LA area and as a treat he took some time out of his super busy schedule to sketch a fierce creature for us all, please welcome Dave to Sketch Theatre and check out his first video here …. next time he’s in town I’ll be sure to pester him for more … it will be worth the wait no doubt!

🙂 L.