Bunny, Persons and Machinery

Yes … the title of this news item is odd, it will all make a lot more sense if you read on and check out the new video from Luke Chueh!
Thanksgiving was moved a week earlier this year to extend the shopping season … W-T-F indeed. “Black Friday” who came up with this, does anyone know? Yea, I didn’t either so I looked it up and found the term defines the post Thanksgiving shopping day as an “extremely stressful and chaotic experience” Uh-huh.

I’m all for shopping, true … and if the Sketch Theatre store were currently up (soon very soon) even more so…. but the idea of frenzied holiday gift giving is feeling so … well … unnecessary?

Which brings me to the introduction of the latest Sketch Theatre video from the ever bright and talented Luke Chueh!! This cool little Bunny illustrates beautifully that we don’t always get what we want and even more rarely what we need, particularly if it comes in a box 🙂 … go look and see!

On the other hand you sometimes get some really bitchin’ things if you look in the right place … for instance the music accompanying Luke’s latest video is from one of LA’s finest band’s Autolux, who make ethereally beautiful rock n roll sounds!! Their new song “Persons and Machinery” which is featured in the clip can be downloaded for F-R-E-E when you visit their MySpace Page! You MUST listen, they rule the school.

Please leave some love for Luke!

🙂 L.