Vasilis Lolos

  • Vasilis Lolos

Vasilis Lolos hails from Athens, Greece where the majority of his work has been published. He began his career working in his home country, drawing short stories for 9 magazine, a weekly publication distributed with the newspaper Eleutherotypia (2001-05). He also made the World War I graphic novel ‘Genitria’ and contributed to the Blast! Comics anthology.

He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where he switched to making comics in English and self-published ‘5′ with Brazilian and American artists Gabriel Ba, Becky Cloonan, Fabio Moon, and Rafael Grampa. He drew a story for the ‘24Seven’ anthology by Image Comics and also made his 8 issue mini-series ‘The Pirates of Coney Island’ with Rick Spears for this company. Oni Press published his graphic novel ‘The Last Call’ in the Summer of 2007.

He takes his kafe with cream, sugar, and cigarettes. This is very serious business.

You may follow his work here.