Vanessa Lemen

  • Ron Lemen

  • Vanessa Lemen

Through art, Vanessa Lemen has traveled through time and space, and been places it seems that time has forgotten. She’s interacted with beings great and small, seen creatures sensitive and fierce. She’s laughed with them in the shadows and howled with them in the light. She’s been touched by characters from all walks of life, and journeyed with characters that defy gravity. She’s sung with clowns and clones, and flown with birds and planes and cats. She’s been to worlds that have only machines, and worlds where no machines exist. She’s listened to the tales of wise monkeys, and swam in the veins of their ancestors. She’s grown roots and she’s floated from limbs. She’s seen devastation and witnessed growth and renewal. She’s visited the spirits of those who’ve passed on, and met new spirits that possess magnetic energy. She has been powerful and powerless, larger than life and microscopic. Often times, she’s been invisible. Some adventures have been heavy, some have been as thin as air, and most have defied the boundaries of the years that define her lifetime. And so she will continue to do arts.


Also, check out the Studio 2nd Street website, co-owned with her husband Ron, where they instruct classical foundation, fine art painting, illustration and conceptual design: