Neil Winn

  • Neil Winn

Growing up in the rural town of Fort Plain, New York Neil conquered much of his boredom by drawing monsters and weird aliens. As a kid most of his inspiration came from watching anything by Ray Harryhausen and Jim Henson. That and healthy dose of Godzilla were what laid the ground work for the artist he would become.

After high school his interest in art and movies led him to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied special effects and make up. A few years after graduating he finally took the plunge and moved to California to pursue his dream of working in the fx business. Since then he has been working as a creature fx painter and designer. Working on movies such as Hellboy 2, Fantasic four 1 and 2, X-Men 3, and Wolfman.

To see more of Neil’s work please visit his website or myspace page