Misaki is a resident artist at YTC Summit International Inc, who is a leading giftware company based in Arcadia CA.  A little dead and super cute, Furrybones were first born in early 2007 at Misaki’s desk as baby skeletons in animal costumes.  After vigorous pitching and selling (and some begging)  it was finally approved for production and received the official name “Furrybones”. Since their introduction to the market,  they have been well received and loved all over the world.

Growing up in Tokyo, Misaki spent her afternoons drawing and listening to her father’s record collection at the counter of her father’s café.  She took pleasures in things like Manga comics, Miyazaki films, 80’s American film, and classic cartoons both Japanese and American. These influences can be seen in her work.  Moving to California at 17, she studied anatomy in Art school, often spending time with cadavers in the anatomy lab.  Her interest in anatomy plays a major role in her creations.  Her art is, in a sense, celebration of the living and the dead, and something in between, and Furrybones is almost exactly that.

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