• Lola

My name is Lola, and I am a dreamer. I was born in 1975, but my age does not define me. My past has molded me into a genuine soul, I believe very strongly all things are for a reason. College was uneventful, yet taught me that I had the ability to find my own techniques and expression. My experience as a tattoo artist in the late 90’s was incredible, yet only fulfilled 9 out of 10 of my necessary reasons to live as an artist. And demanded too much time out of my studio. I like to invent, imagine, and execute a place full of space where the world can evolve into a magical copacetic machine, sparing the disintegration of our earth and harm to innocent creatures and beings. If not for the ability to paint, my voice might become just another static white noise. We need harmony, lyrics, and a visual escape from reality, because reality has become somewhat of a nightmare. War, genocide, hunger, death, disaster, political disappointment. I paint to start a positive dialog amongst strangers. And I paint because it is my most precious gift in life. I sing through my brushes the way a song might touch your heart and knock you off your feet so that you might feel for one moment and forget how the media desensitizes you and holds you in its grips with fear tactics. Of all my childhood memories, the ones which stick with me most are from pure imagination. If I can bring you back to your own early memories for even one minute as you gaze upon what has become my life’s work, you just might recognize a not too distant feeling of pure emotion as you were once so innocent. I wish upon a star that this feeling might have a domino effect, ease a day, and bring a smile. Because a smile is infectious and if our hearts are happy, nothing can stop us.

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