Jon Schnepp

  • Jon Schnepp

Jon Schnepp is an American producer, director, actor, editor, writer and cinematographer. His company, Schneppzone, has worked on many shorts and television shows. Schnepp was Animation Director for Nickelodeons What’s Inside Heidi’s Head?, and edited many episodes of “Space Ghost: Coast to Coast” seen on Cartoon Network. He co-directed the pilot for “Upright Citizens Brigade” for Comedy Central, and directed segments and the Title Sequence for the series run. His most current work is on Metalocalypse, a cartoon on Cartoon Network about Dethklok, the world’s most popular death metal band. He designed and created the look of the five band members, directs the bulk of each season, and works with the show’s co-creators/writers Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha. Jon recently co-directed the 4th season of the Venture Bros, and finished directing and producing the third season of “Metalocalypse”.

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