Jon Beinart

  • Jon Beinart

Jon Beinart is a visual artist, best known for his Toddlerpedes (doll sculptures) and detailed graphite and ink drawings. He also publishes art books focusing on the artwork and artists featured in the beinArt collective.

As a child Jon was lost in his imagination and preoccupied with the lives of ants, snails, spiders & mice. This fascination with small worlds continued through his life, often blocking out the larger world around him and this interest is apparent in his art. Drawing is Jon’s oldest outlet and is an obsession that is deeply rooted and has become fundamental to his well-being.

“At the age of four, an eccentric friend of my family often babysat me. She made black and white woodcuts of anthropomorphic snakes with sagging breasts. They were often pregnant and wore nooses around their necks. She told me on many occasions that I was destined to be an artist when I grew up and that one of her snakes, which held a paintbrush and palate, was in fact a picture of me. When I asked her about the rope around my neck and why I had boobs, she said it was also a self-portrait! I found this very confusing. She was a bit crazy but her encouragement contributed to my development as an artist.” – JB

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