Johnny Rodriguez

  • Johnny Rodriguez

The idea behind KMNDZ is built upon the premise of reflection, hope, and a burning desire to live life to the fullest. A successful leader in the graphic design community, this Los Angeles based artist, has worked for some of the worlds premier design agencies and top entertainment companies. With brands like MTV Networks, Universal Pictures, Microsoft, Lexus, Disney, and Activision populating his resume, Johnny has built an impressive portfolio of both artistic and technological accomplishments in the world of graphic design and new-media. However, first and foremost, Johnny is an artist. He attributes his success in commercial design as a direct result of his passion for art. KMDNZ is about both the past and the future. Anyone whos ever touched a Mac, knows that the keystroke combination command + z = undo. After using it day in and day out at work, I started wishing that I had an undo action for everyday life. Weve all done things that we wished we hadnt, and said things that we would like to take back. Rodriguezs personal work is quite different from his commercial endeavors. When he sits down to paint, he puts aside the pressures of mass appeal and commercial accessibility, and instead focuses on creating art for himself. Drawing from his own life, his paintings are filled with memories of family and friends, religious undertones, and iconic elements. A recent piece features a drawing of an audio cassette embedded into a hand grenade. This represents a tough look back at the time when his father left their family to fight a war in Nicaragua, and left only an audio recording to explain his actions. Other paintings depict the biblical stories of Jonah and King David. Yet another deals with a strange coincidence that reminds him of a close relative that recently passed away from cancer. Im overwhelmed by the reaction that Ive received about my art. I paint about the things that have meaning in my life, and its amazing to know that it touches others. The messages are simple. Love GOD, Be honest to yourself. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. Never forget. And live your life fully without wishing to hit KMNDZ.

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