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February 22nd, 1975, Dickcherry was born in Chicago, Illinois as Lee Richard Gren. In his early teen years, while building a half pipe in his neighbor’s back yard, the suburban streets echoed with the wailingís of Lux Interior, Jon Spencer, and Jonny Rotten. It wasnít just their vocals and lyrics that seeped into Dickís heart and soul, it was the cover art on each album he purchased. Dick could escape into the worlds created by Robert Williams, Coop, and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Throughout his childhood, Dick Cherry knew, he wanted to live where Roth’s hot rods owned the streets, Williams’ robot rockers become legends and Coops women lined the beach.

In the fall of 2000, Dick and his wife packed up what little they had into a truck and moved to Los Angeles, CA. Later that year a club promoter and musician gave Dickcherry’s his first break, designing a rock poster for a charity event at the Hard Rock cafe in Beverly Hills, CA.

Since that first rock poster, Dickcherry has worked with many talented musicians creating Posters, CD covers, Bass Drum kit/stickers, Logos, and other propaganda.

Dickcherry Client list: (partial listing)
Sony & Sony Playstation
Tinsley Studio & Tinsley Transfers
C.C. Deville of Poison,
Dizzy Reed of Guns and Roses,
Tommy Clufetos
The Caravans
Joey Image of the Misfits,
Disturbed David Draiman,
Nico McBrain from Iron Maiden,
Motion Picture FX
Quantum Creation FX
Crooked Moon

Dickcherry is currently working, as a graphic artist, with Tinsley Studios for their feature films & tv gigs. For Tinsleyís retail products, Dick applies his style to temporary tattoos & sleeves. Dickcherry also works with Gary Barth, of Sony & Sony Playstation, as a conceptual artist.

To see the full portfolio, visit www.dickcherry.com

Email Dick at dick@dickcherry.com


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