Dave Pressler

  • Dave Pressler

Dave Pressler is a Los Angeles artist who has used sculpture and painting to fuse two of his primary passions: the world of fine art and the world of pop entertainment.

Pressler is a founding member of the entertainment development group, The Dan Clark Company. The company specializes in the creation of kids’ media. Pressler was a key designer on the live action Mexican masked wrestling action extravaganza, “Los Luchadores!” for Fox Kids Network. He designed characters on the puppet / CGI sci-fi adventure “Brats of the Lost Nebula” for The Jim Henson Company and Kids WB! Network. The series was declared by TV Guide to be “one of the 10 best kid shows of the year”. Pressler created the visual design for the distinctive look of the “The Save-Ums”, The Emmy nominated CGI adventure for preschoolers airing in the United States on The Learning Channel and Discovery Kids. Most recently Dave co-created Team Smithereen with The Dan Clark Company, W!ldbrain Entertainment, & Jetix. Scheduled for release 2009.

Pressler has also dabbled in independent cinema as a co-producer and creature designer. His stylized spiritual worm creation for the feature film, “The Item” was showcased at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival where the film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. “The Item”, distributed by Artisan Entertainment, went on to receive praise at film festivals all over the world. In addition to his kids’ media and independent film projects, Pressler is an accomplished painter and sculptor whose work shows in galleries all around Los Angeles. Also lending his sculpting talents to the vinyl-art toy world, with Necessaries Toy Foundation’s Mark Ryden’s YHWY, The Ron English “Rabbbit” figure. Brendon Monroe’s “Sour” for Android 8, the new Nathan Jurevicius Monkey King, and the up coming “Sundae Girls” by Fawn Geweiler. With the success of Dave’s various limited edition resin creations his character “Angry Clobber Monkey” is going to be released in vinyl by “Munky King” May 2009.