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Artist: Rick O'Brien  |  April 1, 2010  | 

Here is Rick O’Brien a virtuoso talent, in his first sketch video .. sketching in paint, brilliant!! And my new favorite group of Canadian’s called Milks and Rectangles (cool name) accompanies with a great song, awesome debut!

Milks-Rectangles Milks and Rectangles


  1. Scratch

    Love watchin him build this piece. Wild! Great sketch!

  2. Dennis Fesenmyer

    I went to school (UA) with Rick and used to see this sorta thing several times a week,. It was always as inspired and amazing, now just in time lapse.

  3. Chris

    wow amazing watching it come together.

  4. Sean

    Greaaaat work!! love that ink sketch at the beginning. im trying to figure what media was used? ink gouache? but a sometimes i see some thick layers like at 3:09 the yellow blotch under the chin…then i thought it was oil. Any idea?

    Great stuff though!

  5. Theo Felizzola

    Beautiful stuff. really amazing skill on the artist.

  6. Conny Nordlund

    Holy crap that was insane, I think I got hypnotized while watching this haha.
    Great job!

  7. John Nord

    Great, great piece.

  8. JTang

    Whoa totally awesome and different from other sketches. anyone know if that’s watercolor or diluted acrylics?

  9. Lily Feliciano

    Hi Guys! Glad you all like this brilliant piece, Rick is a very cool artist and it’s great to hear such nice feedback. He gave me a breakdown of what he used when we shot this , here ’tis! L.

    “Permanent ink, bamboo quill, acrylic and gouache on watercolor paper…I
    thinks that’s all. I’m kind of a everything-and-the-kitchen-sink kinda guy!”

  10. Rick O'Brien

    Thanks Lily!
    As for the color I used acrylic and then white gouache at the end. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I’m lookin forward to the next session.

    Hey Dennis!!

  11. -AP-

    Your palette and shape-masses, and the gouache overlay give this piece a very Egon Schiele-like appearance. I really enjoyed watching it come together.

  12. Stephanie Roberts

    WOW!!!! That was ridiculously amazing. I kept saying ‘get em ‘ while I was watching this. Fantastic work Mister Rick. Waves to you and your magic lady.

  13. ALISA

    Loved watching you paint. Amazing work. Miss you and your Mrs.


    This is so cool! I watch this when I need some motivational inspiration. Thanks to everyone involved.

  15. scott

    Incredible to watch! 🙂

  16. VK

    Interesting piece!

  17. Brandy Trigueros

    I just peed my britches!!

  18. Lintu

    literally wow!

  19. Kindell

    Wow! Amazing- the different levels and the reworking that went into this piece. Very inspiring.

  20. Rick O'Brien

    Thanks everyone!. I’m looking forward to the next painted sketch. I hope this translates correctly, to VK and Lintu…Děkuji za komentáře!

  21. Lily Feliciano

    and here’s your hot music tip for the day. If you liked the song I used for Rick’s first video, you can now download the entire EP for FREE at Milks and Rectangles website! http://milksandrectangles.bandcamp.com/ SWEET!

  22. Matthew

    I love it. The ending is always unpredictable, you never know what the artist is about to sketch. It is my opinion that the paint would have been much better without the white backgroung.

  23. Jennifer Culotta

    Absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t have asked for anything better to watch before I fell asleep.

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