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Artist: Molly Crabapple  |  February 25, 2009  | 

Molly Crabapple has come to visit with “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Eleni MandellEleni Mandell


  1. Jincey

    loved it!

  2. sebastian

    cute, i want to know more about your work.

  3. pascal gouw

    love the sketch…

  4. Mr_Skyfish

    That was great and really cute 🙂

  5. vasu

    fine,need more sketchs on lanscapes
    and add other styling sketches too

  6. JJ

    The girl is a legend, her work is exceptional.

  7. Ivan

    Congrarulations Lady, just GREAT, from your biggest brazillian fan

  8. Oxyjenn

    I love Miss Molly C. Her style is one i look up to very much.



  10. Chad

    A Terrific Sketch Queen. I Love!

  11. Danny

    That is awesome! really cute too. I loved it. I’m inspired 🙂

  12. Nanny Fran

    So beautiful. One of my favorite artists!

  13. Finalistick-

    we have one thing in common ,we love Art and u rock ass!!!! Ms. Crabapple.

  14. mike

    Very beautiful, very talented, keep doing yer thing

  15. kent


  16. Princess Tam Tam

    You are a brilliant artist! The combination of the lyrics of the song and your illustration are truly a beautiful thing to watch. I’ve seen it twice and can’t stop. Your gift is truly amazing … the inner vision you have in your mind as you draw is a sign of highly evolved … Something Really Amazing! (don’t know what else to call it). Thank you for your work. I’m so happy.

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