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Artist: Kate Laird  |  November 29, 2010  | 

Welcome Kate Laird to ST! Kate’s beautiful debut sketch comes to life with a track from Massachusettes natives Splashdown.

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  1. pete

    nice kate!

  2. Clean3d

    Wonderful! The way she lays down the lines so certain and sure… it boggles my mind that people can draw like that.

  3. Lintu

    What kind of special pen? not that common?

  4. Kyle

    Fucking awesome. Isnt my cuz a great artist. Luv ya Katie 🙂

  5. Jon Schindehette

    Lovely marker piece Kate!
    …dying to know who’s phone number that is though.
    …must not call…

  6. davidicus


  7. emonxie

    As this is the 1st reel I’ve seen on the site, what a precedent to set! Stunning sketching, great pop with the pink outline alone the underside of the torso and back of arm, also dig the white out pop-ins on the highlights.

  8. Sara F.E.

    Impressive drawing!

  9. Mistah JulezArt

    really cool!!! *thumbsup*

  10. Cole Mayberry

    Love it lot!

  11. Kate Laird

    Hey! Thanks everyone!
    @ Lintu: It’s not really a special pen…. I think I just used a Faber-Castell. The markers are just yer run o’ the mill Prisma and Copic. The pencil however is very special. Tis my lucky 2b pencil with the grippy things on the side. I don’t remember what it’s called though and I don’t feel like getting up to look. You understand.

  12. SERPO

    yeah, this is DOPE!

  13. jmalave

    Katie Laird… I will remember this name haha. Hope you come back for more sessions! This was great!

  14. Alex Alvarez

    Super cool… !! Thanks for being on ST!

  15. jason

    freakin awesome, Lookin forward to seein more of your work!!!!

  16. Diko

    is that kat von d .sister .. coz she look like that or im wrong ?

  17. k.co

    Great work… love to see more!!!!

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