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  1. David Platt

    That was pretty great actually. Wish there was just a little bit of painting technique info in there

  2. Conny Nordlund

    I really loved this interview.
    I really loved his art!

    I don’t know what else to say. He just really grabbed my interest.

  3. Anita DeKok

    That was very pleasurable to watch. Thank-you. I would like to say more, but my mind has just been blown.

  4. Jerry Gonzalez

    In a word, FANTASTIC!
    Love the art!

  5. jmalave

    Totally agree with the honesty-in-your-art statements. There’s no substitute for your own style, perspective, and voice.

  6. Mark Buerschaper

    Excellent interview. Even though there was not much in the way of technique discussed, there was a lot of information regarding artistic beliefs, personal development and inspiration and the artist as a proactive or inactive force. Not to mention a ton of great pieces to see from an artist whose style is immediately recognizable upon viewing.

  7. Endonnis

    i want to meet him.


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