Corey Miller 01

Artist: Corey Miller  |  November 19, 2007  | 

Corey Miller Sketch 01
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  1. chris

    this guy is badass you can tell all the years he put into his work.

  2. gabe geiger

    dude im sure you heard this at least once already ,but i dig that sketch and am thinkin about gettin it on me.the only thing is that i would only want you to do the way , im a fan of your work and would be honored if you hit me up

  3. jojo

    this guys is the top tattoo artist in the world…

  4. BeRe

    he is the Greatest!!!
    amazing sketches

  5. jhong ei

    GREAT! AMAZING! i like your drawings ! really really amazing!

  6. big john73


  7. Mark


  8. Riley

    a fan says “Hey!!”

  9. shady


  10. Gaurav M

    amazing work *****

  11. Teng

    sick as hell.

  12. Enrique

    Fantastic work!

  13. Mlekpek

    Yeah Great Hand For Job…. ‘n Amazing Imagination…. Bravo..

  14. binaryconsciousness

    Love the use of the Yellow HB. Fuck all that expensive shit…

  15. Mr_Skyfish

    After watching the making I was able to see the face much better but damn this looked hot!

  16. Niyado

    Amazing sketch man, you, Aimée Kuester and Kat Von are my greatest inspiration in this days, Im starting to enter in the world of tattoos and, is amazing, is just a crazy world full of drawings, inks and power. Keep going man, you are amazing 😉 blow my mind!!

  17. chase

    good shit

  18. Diko

    being honest i don’t know what to say

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