Chet Zar 09

Artist: Chet Zar  |  October 11, 2010  | 

Trivia time. Did you know that Chet Zar was the very first artist to sketch for ST? He is a true hero to me! Here he is in installment 09, with a track from moody instrumentalists Red Sparowes.

EveryRedHeart_Vinyl Red Sparowes



    Thanks Chet, Awesome as always!

  2. Brian Whitmire

    great stuff, and love the sparowes!

  3. tiago

    powerfull…. Chet you rules…

  4. Sara F.E.

    Great drawing (as always) by Chet Zar, and very nice music as well.

  5. Jemor Campbell

    You are a Bosss!!!

  6. S Fisher Williams

    One of my favorite artists drawing to one of my favorite bands….the only way this could have been any better would be someone serving me a large vat of pudding while I watched this! 🙂

  7. MrTom

    greta work!
    here you can see rly that it’s necessary to take time for agreat sketch

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