Chet Zar 01

Artist: Chet Zar  |  June 10, 2009  | 

In celebration of the upcoming book release of The Art of Sketch Theatre: Volume One, I claim today as retro Friday! And to celebrate and commemorate here is Chet Zar 01, the first video to appear on Sketch Theatre! Also happens to be our featured book cover … a true classic! 🙂54348029Domestic Fury


  1. stewart knight

    thanks for letting us watch the sketchin’….i will try to put to use your pearls of visual teachin’…..

  2. Erin

    I absolutely LOVE my cousin Chet, he is like a brother to me and I am so endlessly proud of him! He is truly AMAZING!

  3. Robert Klingman

    Stay true, and thanks for the wonder you add to our lifes.
    Keep on, Keeping on !

  4. Josep Diaz

    Amazing work

  5. rick

    Your work is amazing,I can’t wait to see more.

  6. zahid ali

    nice 1 …i found this site more intrusting coz of its layoutn display…your works r realy imazing..keep it up…

  7. Nicolas


  8. Tyler

    You guys are serious inspirasion. live the dream man

  9. RSX

    GREAT Work Man !! Keep Going

  10. Lisa (Maenpaa) Drucker

    I went to high school with you (Class of ’85) and saw a picture of you in a co-workers photo book….he told me how successful you are! I remember your talents back in ’85….you are amazing!

  11. Tesdqrds

    magic story very thanks

  12. Oufyfjpp

    This site is crazy 🙂

  13. Bwbcregy

    this post is fantastic

  14. Rick

    Watching your video’s,pushes me to draw more and work harder.Right along with painting.
    Your amazing!!

  15. Jmes

    What kind of pencil is that blue one, dont scorn me if its a nooby question 🙂

  16. angelina

    this is some of the most amazing work ive ever seen

  17. ED

    amazing!!!muy buenos trabajos!!!

  18. Andrew Matela


  19. Pnyrtryf

    Jonny was here

  20. julieta

    i love this site!!!!!

  21. katze

    no words.. you can only see a let your mouth open

  22. kory

    your shit is great.

    and your drawing ain’t bad either.
    why can’t everybody do this? its not that hard…..hmmm

    well, fuck, keep it up

  23. charlotte

    sketch 01 is gorgeous, love it… jojojo

  24. CoMa

    Chet Zar is a God among artists. Keep it up sir.

  25. Usman

    i love this site man! im learning alot

  26. Fat Chick

    Amaiizing I love your work it incureges me to draw & paint more .Its funny sometimes I dream that I am drawing & painting.

  27. ken

    very impressive, your absolutely talented with your art drawing.

  28. Nina1305

    i am like wow!! so awesome!! i would luv to know what pencil is it that your using that adds that blue hue? it’s not a blue colored pencil is it?

  29. Idojima

    Awesome sketch.

  30. Mike

    Chet Zar works are freaking awesome…!!!

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