Wayne Barlowe 01

Artist: Wayne Barlowe  |  October 13, 2008  | 

Parenthetical-GirlsParenthetical Girls


  1. Willyum


  2. ajscott

    I can truly appreciate the mastery of your sketching. I have been working hard to reach this level, but can’t seem to break past certain hurdles that handicap my talent from evolving. Little things like composition and proportion for the human figure have me stumped. My drawing always falls apart past the neck. Would love to hear or see some tips from you. If you find time email me at sodotnetwks@gmail.com

  3. Anon

    hey aj keep drawing and use reference wussy hehe

  4. angelart2009

    hey very nice I like your technic it’s very nice 😉 I love your drawing (ton travail en français ) very good good bye 😉

  5. Mr_Skyfish

    That was excellent!

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