Wayne Barlowe 02

Artist: Wayne Barlowe  |  December 28, 2009  | 

Your wish has come true … finally a second installment from master Wayne Barlowe! I must match one legend up with another, music from Black Francis!

300black_francis_081002053548905_wideweb__300x300 Black Francis


  1. Tedzey71

    Is that from “Wizards?”

  2. fudo

    Video not found 😉

  3. Lily Feliciano

    sorry guys, the server to upload content seems to be down momentarily. Video should be viewable soon I hope! Check back.

  4. Ellis In Culver City

    What ballpoint pen are you using? Awesome work and so orderly for coming straight out of a pen.

  5. Chris

    wow, really epic work right there, how long did the origional take?

  6. Justin

    So awesome.

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