Travis Louie 06

Artist: Travis Louie  |  August 23, 2011  | 

Happy Birthday Travis Louie! Let’s celebrate with the debut of installment 06, to Travis’s whimsical beast I’ve applied one of my very favorite birthday tunes from Scotland’s Altered Images.

altered-images-img-mba95d6720314530ff0154d97e7656265 Altered Images


  1. Chris B

    Happy Birthday! to one of my favorite artists!

  2. jmalave

    Happy belated :p Kind of great that on YOUR birthday, WE’RE all the ones getting such a great gift lol.

    – Great sketch
    -Great (birthday) tunes
    -Face-melting-ly awesome penmanship. So good, I’m somehow afraid for no reason

  3. Caerphilly

    Always great.

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